Thorpe, T. E., F.R.S., Oliver, Sir T., and Cunninuliam. C

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a lack of nourishment, and then a few biscuits and a glass

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1 in. above the umbilicus. On opening the peritoneal cavity no gas,

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strong sulphuric acid a red-brown reaction which bromine and heat turned

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which are not yet clearly understood, it sometimes chances that

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typhoid fever, influenza, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and dis-

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(see "Dust") and flies (see "Flies") and consequently a

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statements in confirmation of what he had already said. His colleague,

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, discussion on broad- ligament cyst with twisted pedicle, Obst. 43


rust steel instruments. It is made by dissolving a boric

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taken with little or no water, was believed to pass bo the colon, where it

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appendix, and, of course, failed to pass the catheter. In some cases, after

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of human subjects other than patients suffering from distinct disease of

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be prepared to allow that the cervical and axillary masses may be

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Atropin, administration before general anaesthetic, benefit doubtful, Ansesth. 61, 69

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necessary not only to neutralize the acid but to convert the solution

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Incorporated June 9, 1888. Began business June 11, 1888

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Harrington, F. B. — Case of perineal hernia, quoted, Clin. 157

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recently died at the age of SO. His friend saw the patient shortly before her

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asm, and if Prof. Liautard will carefully read over the whole of

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In addition, bidding out the audit may provide an incentive to your current

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■ If purchase orders are used, pre -numbered purchase orders should be used

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always required to possess a very profound knowledge of com-

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, epilepsy not distributed in accordance witb laws of, R.S.M. 44

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And it may therefore be a special function of the liver to build up out

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the diagnosis of cancer, which was confirmed in four of them by

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Toxaemia, acquired, as factor in causation of angioneurotic oedema associated with scleroderma

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away again, and reappears occasionally. It occurs espe-

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on the arteries and at the origin of the arterial trunks in the retro-

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Ross, E. A., Dudgeon, L. S., and Panton, P. N. The action of spl< aotoxi

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Dr. HORT read the following communication : Notwithstanding the favour-

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83 share loans (average, $338 each; average rate 5.50%); 5M%, $28,030.

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which was considered as sufficient, as the gland felt full. The

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connections with his attendant's anatomy whenever he desires

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his experiments confirm this theory : " We have always seen immedi-

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All the serious disadvantages of alcohol are connected

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ulcers and sores of the lips and tongue. The stronger the