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Whitlow. — This is a name given to almost any kind of
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, gastro-intestinal crises from (G. A. Sutherland I, Med. 265-286
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contract amount, it is essential that these funds are identified early and
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Wilson, T. Stacey. — Three coloured projection drawings of the brain showing the relations
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aromatic confection, or paregoric. But if the diarrhea
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in the history of experimental psychology. The influence of tradition
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icd blood-corpuscles in cases of hs moglobinuria ( ? hlackwater fever, paroxysmal haamoglobin-
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In 24 cases out of 132 the rupture of the intestine was complicated
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some time past my colleague, Dr. Douglas White, and myself have been
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when he was found suffering with a complete fracture of the
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not say that any medicines have power to cure palsies, ex-
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tions, has recently received some attention. Dr. R. H. Woods, of
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When we realize that there are many buildings in New
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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 20% on series less than 6 years old; after 6 years, none
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into anterior and posterior channels ; in the posterior wall is seen a chronic
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, movements of, correspondence with movements of eyeball, Otol. 58
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ounce of compound senna mixture, or an ounce of castor
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mucous membrane of the front of the epiglottis, and partly beneath that
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swellings may result in atrophy (wasting away) of one of
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employed by Dr. Bruce that he would not say much about it, the only difference
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39 share loans (average, $336 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $13,095.
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Gibb, H. P., and Batten, F. E.— Two eases of myotonia at* ,. peculi;^
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The outside of a horse is a mighty good thing for the inside
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venient and the most desirable for study. The removal of this
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Myotonia atrophica, two cases showing a peculiar distribution of muscular atrophy (P. E.
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of the other enzymes, and accords with the fact which has now been
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In number 12 of the Monatschrift fur practische Thierheil-
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below the level of the anus. The bases of the two lobes are united
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, varicose veins of , complicating fibromyoma of uterus, Obst. 55
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Forbes, J. Graham. — -Mycosis of the tongue and nails in a female child, Derm. 131
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thoroughly to disinfect all instruments and brushes imme-
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recently the medical Press chronicled the treatment of septicaemia
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thickened capsule, not extending into the substance of the spleen.
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A confirmation is an independent statement that supports the financial )
Massachusetts state banks continue to he in an easy liquid condition. Invest-
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