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stratum, and would thus go back to the predynastic Egyptian period,
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ting obese — the eating of too much fat-forming food, and
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Hutchison, R. — Discussion on congenital cystic disease of the kidneys, Child. 117. 118
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pancreatic digestive preparations is entirely destroyed.
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1 Power and Murphy, - System ol Syphilis," 1908, i, p. 190.
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Monday of each month.
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twenty-five for the man, and nineteen or twenty for the
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without subjecting them to the greatest risk. It is impossible
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the first year, and it may last for many years, and even
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, question of removal of costal periosteum, Clin. 247
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Lenhartz, report upon cases treated by his dietary, Therap. 91
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and leaves the body and mind less active than before.
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Incorporated November 15, 1889. Began business November 16, 1889
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, necrosis of proximal phalanx, diagnosis by aid of Rdntgeil I ':tr. 89
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wiped over lightly with a cloth dampened with turpentine