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Killian's bronchoscope, see under Bronchoscope and BrUnincfa modification

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sideration that horse power will ever be supplanted as a means

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jejunostomy was performed for pyloric stenosis and a bleeding ulcer. In May,

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In the slowest growing of malignant tumours there must be m


tendons ; even in old, said-to-be incurable cases, that had be-

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were important questions which demanded solution. Nocard

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in circumference, that of the left is 25. After nine months of

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tapetum acting as a concave reflector. Of course we are all fa-

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, biological theory of, branch of theory of chance, Epid. 243

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The inferior mesenteric main group lies around the stem of the

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patients show toxic effects if they take § gr. in the twenty-four h<

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was clearly the lowest portion of the urachus. When the cord was

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10-i share loans (average, $224 each; average rate 5.58%); 5i^%, $19,246; 6%, $4,087.

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tion of the lungs. This is a very intractable disorder, for

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muscle. Of course the muscles are divided one after the other,

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pronounced in the human foetus at birth, and which is indeed a peculiarly

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(34) Mercy W., aged k 26, a nurse; October 1, 1908; Dr. McLean.

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by, of tonic action of stomach (A. E. Barclay), Electr. 59

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ance of it results in digestive and nervous disturbances,

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The present month will inaugurate the resumption of teach-

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tive nerve, and toothache begins, and will continue to be

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vicariously than it was to a mere suspension of dead organisms in normal saline

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stomach is seen ending somewhat abruptly at a higher level than usual ;

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there was marked hyperacidity, and in the remaining case there was

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the Cape, where she was taken under protection at the age of 10, was

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■ Codes of conduct — A written code of conduct is required for employees

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Fat, common, compared with adipose tissue, Path. 260, 261