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neath may not be damaged. There is always a certain
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Wednesday of each nmnth.
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In this case enteric intussusception resulted from the presence of
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up to 1899, when he retired. By his will he showed his grati-
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1 Weiser has overlooked a case of cystio fistula reported by Unterberger. A woman had a
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whether in our food, or in milk, or by being inhaled in the
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will find numerous readers, and there is no doubt that many
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of the base of the tongue, there is a large, almost spherical lipoma.
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separating the bowel with the growth, the peritoneum and the sub-
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the ear. A two-ounce solution containing 7^ grains of per-
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Destroying Prairie Dogs. — The Nebraska Experiment
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Lungs and Nose. — The air of cities is full of germ-laden
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areas somewhat larger than those of exit tends to immunize
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process. Organizations that receive direct federal funding may be required to
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series of ten cases of complete rupture of the uterus]
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average of twenty-three days. The large majority — namely, 22 patients
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egg on the first day, and I have seldom given the iron pill more than
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, feeding, value of, in X-ray examination of oesophagus and colon (Dr. G. A. Pirie),
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instead of on the pavement, and cannot turn round sud-
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is no pain, no tenderness. It is the object of our treatment
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are already dead, or will die before they have time to take the
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sharp, cutting pains in the abdomen, which he attributed to indiscretions in
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bio-chemist as well as of the pathologist, must be centred.
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Gastroenterostomy, cases of (E. S. Bishop), Surg. 322, 324, 327, 328, 330,
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" Federal Inspection as a Means of Controlling Scabies in
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cow, negative to the tuberculin test, was, in 1902, injected into
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ready been observed the day before. After an hour, she became
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disease of overcrowding in ships, especially at Malta, Epid. 159 ; discussion (p. 179) :
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Bites of Dogs. — If an ordinary healthy dog bite a per-
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izing domestic corporations to contribute to certain funds for the betterment
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improved under treatment. In October, 1898, eleven months after the opera-
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Stomach. By Walter G. Spencer, M.S. ... ... ... ... 31]
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ferric perchloride. Regular exercise is essential in all