of endo-pericarditis the Streptococcus pyogenes was isolated once, the
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would lie behind that fold. The fold was attached to the line of suture and
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enlargement of the cervical glands. These symptoms yielded satis-
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(2) Wind colic in small infants must, of course, be treated
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the nervous system, when produced in the cat, are, indeed, closely
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} effect of compression of carotid artery on side of normal labyrinth in cases of spon-
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water absorption occurs in the colon, and a very slight absorption of
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sional sickness, with loss of appetite and cramp-like pains
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kidney could be pressed downwards, as is usually the case, nor were
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I am afraid that the same advantage cannot be claimed for some other
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be at the ready command of the busy practitioner ; they require
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acterized by elevated temperature, quickened respiration
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A day's training for the hoat races. (Summer.) — (By
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sour, and causes nausea and sickness. Diarrhea often fol-
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Bidder and Schmidt [2] stated that the fat-splitting ferment i> only
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mens of tissues and organs are to be seen, representing diseases
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the habit of taking meals too close together, may reiider
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noted in No. 3 would likewise have an important influence upon
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In very bad cases of ingrowing toe nails, there is only
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no allowance of spirits; occasionally, a very light dry
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ters of the blood and of the vomiting. Tell the doctor if the
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gauze drain in the position of the adherent dirty white lymph. Some
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to remain, which is treated as under (1^. If the ulcer does
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nitrogen compounds in solution. Through the absorption of
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omissions, for additions, and for alterations in the volume. I
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and gives no trouble at all. This function of menstruation
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in the early period — at that period at w T hich alone operative interference
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is concerned, before the large number of veterinarians present at
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jects. He found that the epithelial tubular portion grows steadily up to
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I examined the following laryngeal sites for the presence of fat-cells as
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place, by exposure to wet and cold, as by sitting on cold
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out of 16,000 cattle he noticed only 7. It is not said if there