to accord their best thanks to Mr. Doran for his important paper. Any such

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The form of exercise must vary with the habits, time,

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and there were large glands in the mesentery. On February -1 the

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for syphilitic orchitis of one testis which proved very obstinate.

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most satisfactory means of collecting the faeces from the fistula was by

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against bovine tuberculosis, McFadyean observes : it is not pre-

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cles, the secondary changes to urea and uric acid occur in the

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Gangrene of Upper Coils of Jejunum. Operation : Appendicostomy for

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ily by leading a simpler life, with a proper share of whole-

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difference in skewness to be entirely attributable to the thicker emulsion

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that the parts of the small intestine that are most liable to injury are

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and such-like. And, above all things, keep the bowels freely

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The failure of a true spirochete inoculation in the " soft " variety might be due

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of nsevus flammeus (port-wine mark i. Bleotr. 117, 119

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indigestion but to resort to the method of giving a list of

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" The systematic teaching of the veterinary sciences began

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also from cystic urachal fistula, which, like other forms of urachal fistula,

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unauthorized activity, such as thieves using the account to float counterfeit

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with carbolized catgut thread. The muscles and skin are

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Fibrosis of left lung, cases of (A. J. Jex-Blake), Child. 121, 194

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it rarely does any harm, and is checked by batMng the

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large, depositors, business men, the banking structure, the banks themselves and

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of sigmoid felt. At the same time, appendicostomy ; regular injections

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bowel and to draw its nourishment from thence; a thin

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digits may, in certain cases, be reproduced — to the right and

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remedy, because they disinfect the throat. Or gargles may

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of treatment is, in many cases, extremely successful. It hac

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, tumour of auditory nerve, notes and specimen, Otol. 18

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Gasworks, vapour inhalations at, in treatment of whooping-cough, Child. 84

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time, are carefully screened from flies and insects.

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ness man as well as the leading veterinarian of this city, we