less able to walk home. On the following morning she had great

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abdominal incision was likewise sutured. Both wounds healed by first

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in the patients under my own care that the need of much modification is

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lar as possible, tuberculous material of bovine origin — i. e.,

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166 Jamieson & Dobson : The Lymphatics of the Colon

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ligatured at its origin and a radical cure performed from the outer end

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Abscess (subdiaphragmatic), treatment by vaccines, results, Therap. 150

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Central Association (benevolent organization) ; an income of

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the parts always covered with weak sulphur ointment

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os pedis. This pain is caused by the inflammation of the nerve

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the edge of the peritoneum either by three or more interrupted sutm

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They may be gotten rid of by three methods — drainage,

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By the time one reaches middle-age one ought to have

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Cornelius Vander Pyl, President Clarence E. MacKay, Treasurer

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the vessels which may sometimes be seen running directly to the

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up for a time. So the tears cannot escape, and remain

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At the same time slowly and gradually open the eyes to

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ticus " ; and that the jaundice in such cases is really causally connected

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center, or a separate timesheet for each contract or grant.

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fected animal usually presents the appearance of perfect health.

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should cause so much pain, and why its removal should produce so much

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gland and of the common subcutaneous fat to analysis, in order to

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results from applying Large blisters over the cervical enlargement of the oord

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Remarks. — I think that, at the time it was recommended, the Plom-

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York. Some attempt has been made to introduce automobiles

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as soon as made and proved correct, even if they are not yet en-

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— — , contraction of, caused by exertion, Electr. 6

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attacks of typhoid fever, which may end fatally; such at-

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adds something to the liquor he sells to increase the tiiirsti-

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under the peritoneum and in the appendices epiploicae. Of small size

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Fomentations are, on the whole, better than poultices.

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Board of Directors: W. G. Bott, J. G. Brackett, W. T. Chamberlain*. E. F. Dewing, C. H. Dunham, H. M.

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