disease of a joint, especially of the knee, but it should not

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poison depends largely upon this property of facilitating the absorption

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lina, on a plateau of 2,250 feet elevation. One of the most

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provide citizens with reasonable access to records. However, the open records

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not bearing any relation to food. Her weight was 10 st. 12 lb. There

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breast. This is very bad for the baby, who is drawing his

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habituated to its use ; doubtless this is usually true, but some patients

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absorbed from the small intestine, the bismuth being subsequently

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Jullion, Paul, list of dentists' fees (1781), Odont. 95

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J J Mayers, D. E. McCarthy, J. F. Megley, G. W. Porter, F. G. Reed, E. S. Rogers, A. T. Southworth,

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tumor from a blow, or some other mechanical violence.

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that, although the local conditions arc favourable for excision, glandular

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who lead useless, frivolous lives, often sleep very lightly,

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dymis, but neither had a vas deferens. See also Cranwell, " Les Hernies Inguinales de

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elected, and when an agency-wide single federal audit is required:

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in that it has n<>t so much peripheral contraction to overcome.

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juice may favour the occurrence of jejunal ulceration.

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of all present. Other members spoke on interesting subjects. A

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members of the Society. There can be little or no doubt that when

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pression of the magnitude of the work having been given, an

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, cholesteatoma of, treated by local application of enzymol (A. Bronner),

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come upon Weiser's paper in the Annuls of Surgery, to which Mr. Doran had

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liquor violas glucosidi, and Rontgen-ray applications, Clin. 177

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artery. Secondary arcades between the vessels arising from the primary

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in food or drink; sluggish liver; the change of life (which

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, in front of fissure of Rolando, sole point of origin of corticospinal fibres, Neur. 96

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the coats of the bowel as rapidly as possible. He afterwards packed the parts

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age for marriage is considered to be about twenty-four or

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on uterus removed in two cases by Wertheim's method for cancer of cervix. Obst. 341

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Association was thoroughly discussed. This Committee stands

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Barrenness. — The ireaiment of barrenness must obviously

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