order to obtain the immunizing serum, we must keep up an un-

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his operation, the patient again began to suffer pain in the umbilical region, and

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ganic chemists that do not usually appear in the urine.

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liver dulness was normal. Per rectum, nothing abnormal could be felt.

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With the exception of one area, the whole of the interior of


Later, the gums bleed, the teeth fall out and bleeding takes

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the intestine where the intussusception existed showed that four

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the hands and feet are not affected in the same way that they are in

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the twenty-fifth year, the canal becoming wider, which is in accord with

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They will be useless while the local state of things in the

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Crete, ancient figure from, illustrating steatopygy, Path. 221

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of probabilities. However these researches may differ in externals, thi-

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essentials of the method I employ, and to show you some of the results.

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I saw him again in July. He looked thinner and more careworn than

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all office and public buildings, factories and theaters. It

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[7] Magnus, R. Pfiilger's Archiv. f. gesammt. Phys., 1908, cxxii, p. 251.

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killed with hydrocyanic-acid vapour, October 22, 1908 : The results

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44 Stockman & Lees : The Treatment of Rheumatism

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Endometrium, papillary tumour of, associated with unilateral carcinoma of ovary (T, W.

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and cutaneous tissue, multiple haemorrhages into (E. G. Graham Lit!

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little resemblance to a horse. He was given to the Doctor, who

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in his arrangement of the cases recorded up to 190(>.

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plenty of fresh air and only moderate exercise. "Walking

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These observations were repeated from the clinical side by Hilton

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1 Vid. Berliner Thitrarzt. ll\ hen thrift, Dec, 1902.

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ties were equally affected, in various degrees of severity. With

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must be content if he gets rid of aU symptoms, and must

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has great thirst, quick bounding pulse, pains all over,

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Lament, H. W. Leiteh, N. J. Scarito, C. F. Smith*, D. K. Webster, Jr.*, P. L. Wheeler.

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of depression. This will be noticed, perhaps, an hour after-