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salicylate so persuasively that one could hardly help being convinced, but he

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to move revenue or expenses from one account to another.

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lower lip on the face, &c. These are, in all probability, examples of

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every two or three hours, beginning only from the nth or 12th

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previous day. As the stool was quite solid, the presence of a purgative

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nowadays, we believe, by most surgeons in their operative treatment of

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The most common causes are sedentary habits, a rich

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been comparatively free from illness. She was the mother of six children

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, perchloride of, action on leucocytes in inhibiting phagocytosis, Path. 16

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making deposits, processing cash receipts, recording receipts, and

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vomit was bilious in character with a faecal odour. The patient also had

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greater number of untoward circumstances than the human tissues.

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the painful spot: — ^Linimentum Aconiti (poisons if taken

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fact that the bodies are kept in a freezing chamber in the post-mortem

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Butler, with a good salary and house furnished. The Cuban

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hominy with cream, dry toast, beef juice, egg, rice, broth

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ing near the scene. Bennett, after an hour's work, succeeded

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This increased somewhat in amount later and averaged about

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prevented by dropping a drop of 1 per cent, solution of

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outside of the rectal tube in the appendix ? In March, 150 oz. of

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when the patient stands up. The testicle is not interfered

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ting obese — the eating of too much fat-forming food, and

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may, of course, suffer from injuries, such as scalding, or

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corns or bunions that will be of real service. They are

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