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Landsteiner, who say : " Beinoculation is successful in proportion to it-
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Two operations. — (1) For stone in common duct. Small, round
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For a long time Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire had demonstrated that
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H. N. Hinckley, F. P. Luce, S. C. Luce, Jr., W. G. Manter, O. S. Mayhew, U. E. Mayhew* R. W. Norton,
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greatest fatality is always among the young pigs, which are of
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one that has ever proved of interest to physicians and to physiolog
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only in mammals having pronatory and supinatory actions of
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animal on Dec. 5 manifested marked improvement, and in a few
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should never take sleeping draughts if there is any other
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Congo people) there may be an excessive breadth developed transversely
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milk, or too early use of starchy foods with the milk, or
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regular action of the heart which is so necessary to per-
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the fatal maladies of animals, which have to be controlled by
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obtained, a rarity now, as he had said, this fact must be stated, or a reliable
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Smoking, harmful in syphilis of upper respiratory passages, Laryng. 63, 67, 75
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Hopf, Sub-Secretary of State, while being favorable to the propo-
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Spicer, Mr. Atwood Thorne, Mr. Oresswell Baher, Dr. Dundas Grant, l>r. Fitzgerald
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disease of the hepatic blood-vessels has been discovered in fche fatal - s,
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Mrs. H., aged 65, admitted to private hospital, February 10, L909 :
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pendent." Reference was made to the difficulties encountered in I
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(6) When the heart is feeble and an emetic is neces-
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is that all consumptives should spit into basins or bottles
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dynamometer as a means of estimating the uric acid in the blood. Dr. H
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increased each time, or a substantial addition, such as 1" _r .. giv< D
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must be treated by a doctor. (See "Kidney Disease.")
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, plexiform neuroma, involving the right frontal region and the right Upper eyelid,
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are liable to suffer from jerkiness of the eyeballs, and
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and peritoneum. Laparotomy ; appendicostomy. Although the appendix
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■ , discussion on undamped waves of electricity, Electr. 51
misunderstanding the records of the normal urine were not kept
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If a person is vaccinated in infancy and again at the
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most oases occur in the presence of unhygienic conditions,
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on account of the value of this material as fertilizer.
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average weight. The urine was examined April 18th and
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minor importance which may give rise to or modify the appearance of a
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Giddiness may be only occasionally felt, and it may come
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outset be pardoned for selecting a subject which may, possibly
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in our profession. Forty years ago qualified veterinarians were
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fall to the lot of those who "pour medicines, of which they
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that gastrojejunal ulcers are a direct consequence of operation ? As
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doubt as to the diagnosis* Moreover, the hard lymphatic cords up the arm —
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are known to have drunk beer, eider, wine or spirits all
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of Nos. 25 and 26, where the absence of gluteal projection, it might be