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base of the tongue, the epiglottis itself being fairly intact. The growth

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ods. Should he, in turn, learn through experience of a better

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Anaemia. — Ancemia means hlooWessness, but nobody ia

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a delightful preparation and may be continued throughout

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Nash, W. G.— Fcetal endocarditis, case quoted, Child. 279, 280

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year to another ; this may also happen in the case of cows that

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It should be our object, then, under these conditions to do what is

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(the speaker) would not like to put those formidable teeth through a stomach

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(3) For scalp ringworm — delicate skins. — Oleate of

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toxin causes death frequently m vet another way. The respiratory

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Treatment. — ^Nowadays, when a case of smallpox occurs,

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the cavernous body cauterized with the red iron. Bossi thinks

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rheumatic stiff joints, and fractures, or broken bones, and

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were obtained in all the media and pathogenic effects produced in the

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Dudley Buxton, Mr. Collum, Dr. Silk, Mr. Richard Gill, Dr. Hewitt, Mr. Cotes-

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the neck glands to be swollen. The cause must, of course,

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bone, which is less deeply stained than the older bone.

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Pegler, L. H. — Discussion on case of new growth of the septum. I

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, intubation of, anaesthetic apparatus for administering chloroform and sealing larynx as

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of gastric ulcer, except those associated with mechanical deformities,

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a later stage more completely desaturated and further combined up with

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nor with apoplexy, also called a fit. An epileptic fit or

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Monday of each month.

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soap, which a chemist can supply. Do this every other

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was closed by suture and the patient recovered, and is now (March, 1908) in

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too much, and shock was, for a few hours, pretty well marked. After

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Pig. 2. — A section of the aorta of a man aged 79, fixed in formol. The section

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bolic acid. The following lotion to be sprayed in front

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commerce in progress) is not quite the same as what is offered by the

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cough. An iron dripping-spoon is iept on the fire and

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or cooked before consumption, which includes : (a) Pliuns ;

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bleeding, but, at the same time, to avoid such a degree of tightness as

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presence or ahsence of response to, Med. 183-187, 197-201

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in a very marked manner. Epileptic persons, after a long

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When you have cut it down, loosen the noose round the