Thus, the catarrh of the air-tubes may become a real severe
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endeavor is made, by a series of artful devices, to inform the
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, transference of Museum (Odontological Section) to custody of,
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that clinics at association meetings are not helpful and educa-
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Calomel powder should be dusted on those ulcers on the
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labyrinthine nystagmus observable during, Otol. 49, 50
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duty to say something on the subject of athletic training.
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in a quiescent state. The application of cold has been
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of malaria in an adult. The dosage must be continued
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artery, with a like intention, is also observed in other creatures
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wound in abdominal wall closed over this ; ends left open.
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should also be retained longer if there is litigation, claims, an audit, negotiation,
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Infectious diseases which assume a chronic type, and run for
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was that a sore developed on that man's finger which might have been a septic
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purse and the belly. Some surgeons then irritate the skin
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of the pylorus was of congenital origin, and, further, caused no interference
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(9) Sometimes a patient taking medicine by the doctor's
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Africa. In the Museum of the Boyal College of Surgeons there is the
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without medical qualification, administration of nitrous oxide by, Anaesth. 88
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approximately the time taken by the gastric juice to inhibit or desti
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from which he had so often suffered, but digitalis foiled to ran
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after treating with 25 per cent, sulphuric-acid methylene blue for five
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recent years in the heavy harness classes at the horse shows,
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(8) MIKULICZ, quoted by Tiegel, Mitteilungen a us den Grenzgebieten der
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that account, and he thought a catheter should never be left in. It was often
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Pritish Pharmacopoeia this agreement must be kept in mind,
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or even necessary apparatus to secure the public interest. To treat it as a
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jejunostomy, by means of a Murphy's button, on a man aged 36, suffering from
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Dr. B. G. MORISON said that although the Lenhartz method was new, the
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, treatment of asthma at, by use of pneumatic chamber, Therap. 123, 126
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will not take place when the same test is made on the corre-
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suggestive of bronchitis. Aiter a febrile period of two to three
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removed from the pylorus a tumour the size of a cherry ; the symptoms,
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which it was probable that a rupture of the intestine had occurred, and
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gram, an opacity marked -> strongly suggesting a calculus in the pelvis
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Samuel J. Rantin, President Clarence E. MacKay, Treasurer
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- A name following the date is that of the house Burgeon,
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too ill to exhibit any reaction as the result of the stimulation of the peritonea]
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(3a and 4a) Hattn, quoted by Gosset, Revue de Chirwgie, L9 ■ riii,