Cleland, J. Burton. — Preliminary note on melanotic deposits in cattle and sheep in Western

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, following effusion into bowel wall, Med. 269, 270

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St. Thomas's Hospital Museum). An incision was made through the

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1,297 real estate loans (average, $2,747 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $3,563,280.

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and died there on January 25, 1909. Dr. Savory and Dr. Gowland

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typhoid fever, influenza, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and dis-

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Guy's Hospital, statistics of ulcerative colitis from (H. C. Cameron and C. H. Rippmann),

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or to the use of milk food which has turned sour from

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treatment varied according to the nature of the case. It th<

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and unfavorable conditions at the start. Yet, the situation un-

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ventilation can be satisfactory which is not aided by me-

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of blood, an acute fever, or a blow in the pit of the stomach.

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a substance was asked for by its pharmacopoeia! name it must be supplied of

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The inflammation may sometimes be helped by causing

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rash which comes out on the first day of illness, in succes-

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sour taste in your mouth, the feeling of weariness after a

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, discussion on jejunal and gastrojejunal ulcer, Surg. 307

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, relation of personal infection to, in diarrhoea, Epid. 37, 38

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Acetic acid in vinegar, effects on stomach, Path. 58

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round the root of an eyelash. The whole eyelash gets

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, dangerous when performed for bjsmorrhage, Therap.

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water for several weeks until they finally become trans-

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internally) ; or, Menthol 3, chloroform 3, olive oil enough,

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consists of 1 grain perchloride of mercury, 1 drachm spirits

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Bering, F. — On sero-diagnosis in syphilis, quoted, Laryng. 74, 75

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1. When air is heated It expands and tends to rise ; when

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and the digestion disordered. The opposite sort of curva-

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H7 real estate loans (average, $1,387 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $203,840.

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Dr. G. Elliot Smith, with the permission of Professor G. Alaspero,

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(chiefly hydrarg. cum creta, but sometimes mercury and iodide mixture)

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period which is equal to that of Solutre, that is to say, the second of the

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Meningitis associated with leptothrix bacillus (W. A. Milligan), Child. 203

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come on in one of three ways. (1) The patient falls down

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were seen in a few instances. Thickening of the walls of the arteries

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Arteries, blood-pressure in, determination in living BUbjeots, Med.

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at once recognize that they were nil instructive cases, and typical of the

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Board of Directors: M. F. Buckley, E. C. Carroll, R. E. Cunningham, J. W. Darcy, C. F. Foley, M. F. Foley*,

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Two Martyrs to Science — Toxicology [Doctor Sahib].

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enlisted for such work and directly under the veterinarians, but

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told me that she had remained quite well until a month previously,

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of intestinal obstruction following recovery from operation for ruptured

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weight had caused it to sink down below the umbilicus. The patient

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A swollen gland or "bubo" will very often get better by