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Mustard plaster, application in influenzal rheumatism, Therap. 43
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The acquired power of defence is so slight that it is scarcely at
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Urachal Cyst simulating Appendicular Abscess : Arrested
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Jerome R. Holway, President Camilla A. Williams, Treasurer
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the upper part of the jejunum and the lower part of the ileum, that is,
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with two pints of cold water and a pinch of salt; put the
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covered with normal mucosa and there was no evidence of inflammation
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not rheumatic. In some cases the unsatisfactory result salicylic
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, transposition of the viscera, Child. 169 ; discussion (p. 169) : Dr. Cautley, Dr. F. J.
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upon our surroundings or how much money we have, as
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50,000,000 being used. The improvement was immediate and remark-
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— , results obtained by definite dose, Electr. 100-103
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afforded clear evidence of the exact seat of injury. The shifting of the
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being dried well, the limb must be wrapped in cottonwool
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1 c.c. of myristicin given by the mouth, I obtained effects oilar
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from the beginning. But from the naked-eye, surgical point of view those
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VI. — Special forms of nervous cramps and paralysis
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92 share loans (average, $197 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $18,120.
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colon there is an additional outlet for the lymph. In well-injected
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leaves the sea for spawning. In the salmon, to which I will again refer,
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of the ileocolic, and in other cases it is represented by a branch of the
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Motion made by Dr. Stewart that next meeting be held in
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fluids was marked off by a line of rose-violet colour which took two or th
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These, and many other things, do not tend to increase the
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diarrheas, and many others, including those due to the in-
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(small), usual contents of sac of Btrangulated obturator hernia, S 140
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deafness. About ninety per cent, of all the cases of deaf-
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in 172(5, and in 1743 MM. Lecroissant and Garengeol added a third.
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with so much ability for the last three years. Dr. Butler has
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Taking the X-ray as produced and looking upon it as a source of light
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Appendix: Normal, small, loosely coiled up; nowhere adherent,
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Was the patient actually fed through the jejunal opening, or was a fistula
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the occurrences taking place in the alimentary canal, the point of
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