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Beef Tea, How to Make. — (1) Cut up a pound of lean
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cession deformed products. — (C/inica Vet., May 7, 1904.)
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the surface of the subjacent muscles, and, in fewer numbers, fat-cells
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of antipyrin and thirty grains of bicarbonate of soda, four-
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after the operation the abdominal cicatrix was found to be perfectly sound.
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the day before admission, when it suddenly ceased, and the pain was locali/
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inflammation of the navicular bursa is a comparatively old
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, large fibroid of; hysterectomy during pregnancy (J. H. Dauber), Obst. 101
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in opposite directions so as to squeeze all superfluous water
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are absolutely forbidden. So are all sauces, condiments,
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acetone repeatedly till everything soluble in acetone is removed. The
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germs and is sufficiently effective to check fermentation.
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composing animal matter or the carcass and blood of an animal
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however, that the British Pharmacopoeia establishes a standard and
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ing with the pointed end towards the groin. In congenital
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transverse colon come into relation with those of the stomach in the
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may possibly be one of ruptured intestine, to wait and watch for pro-
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Analysis of fluid collected from the fistula on September 4 : —
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It is for the very deadly or injurious affections that the cost