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was acid, contained albumin and pus-cells as well as a few granular
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practice oftentimes impossible to carry out with any degree of
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, bad results probably due to insufficient dosage, Elect i.
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specially drawn to the liver, because, just previously, Lindemanu had written
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there was abundant haemorrhage. Diarrhoea set in three days
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dieting. In the second case, in which gastrojejunostomy had been \ in-
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of intestinal contents into the retroperitoneal tissue so soon after the
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[4] Einar Key. *' Bidrag till den Kirurgiska Behandlingen af Ulcus Ventriculi,"
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Thyroid extract, administration of. in treatment of Mongolian imbecility. Clin. 190. 193. 194.
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without much trouble. As the operation was to go on, the ani-
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suffered from gastric trouble for ben years. The patient gained 20 lb. in
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, discussion on, Med. 59-99 ; introductory address by Sir \V. H. Allchin ; d>
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contracted in direct sunlight, the centre of it is entirely blocked
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difficult to foretell what would happen during the next day or two. lb- agreed
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drugs are commonly used, and then endeavour to establish a standard
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the young, they are found at any age, and the average size may be
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to resemble that of the mare. And the same exclusion must be made
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, treatment by mixed toxins (Colcy's fluid) (Major C. G. Spencer), Clin. 152
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face growths. In old cultures involution forms are found in the shape
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and he considered that this effectually disposed of the idea that it was a stigma
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leontiasis ossea, and that only because it is a swelling formed of spongy
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Peroxide of Hydrogen. Used in full or % strength to
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cushion is 20 centim. on the sound leg and 26 on the other ;
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From April onwards the gland is the only source of supply, and
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quantities of partially digested food being brought up.