The time occupied in doing appendicostomy here would have been

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If the bleeding from a wound can not be controlled by

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For our purposes consideration of the subject of dust

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Board of Directors: J. A. Anderson, A. W. Bailey, E. W. Baldwin, John Baldwin*, G. H. DeWitt, H. R. Frank-

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Treatment. — ^Whenever, because of cracked nipple, or

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jejunostomy and entero-anastomotic openings were patent, nothing further was

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into the intermaxillary space. His diet consisted chiefly of

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This climate is admirably suited to pulmonary tubercu-

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210 c.c. in the period of second quickening. And in still another li-

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One thing is certain, namely, that alcohol does not confer

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stasis, gastrojejunostomy is useless in the treatment of gastric ulcer. I

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treat, the authors were first embarrassed : the animals had been

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Infants during birth, when the delivery has been difficult,

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Iron reaction (free), how far obtained in viscera of rabbits by administration of arsenic.

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a mucous membrane accustomed only to the presence of alkaline

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center should only be charged with the amount of indirect costs that

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(6) For thin, scanty dark hair. — Take of good black tea-

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In the interscapular gland there is a variable number of lymph and

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ing along the shore on his way to visit a fisherman, and, owing

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In 1898 P. V. Richter was able to colled forty-one c

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276 real estate loans (average, $2,451 each; average rate 5.50%); 53^%, $676,126; 6%, $500.

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Bub the catheter with a little oil before you slip it

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perchloride of iron, as forceps did not answer. The animal,

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To help the board fulfill its oversight function, it is important for the executive

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practice, as might be surmised the microscopic examination

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Mild alkaline-calic water, used in treatment of rheumatism,

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my experience, less than that of the ordinary method of treatment, in

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mi ans have failed, this spray gives relief. The solution prepared accord-

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said be got attacks on Mondays. He usually took 12 pints of beer on

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administered. Again, why should there be different effects with different

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pylorus was only of temporary avail ; that as soon as the spasm of the pylorus

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metrically. This conclusion, however, is belied by experience. In the

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complete oxidation of the sugar. Assuming that the blood is

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less than a pint of hot water at a time. She works as a tea packer

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year were equally strong with those of the second year. He did not know

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acute diphtheritic dysentery, with an ulcer of similar nature in the

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Fortescue-Brickdale and Rogers, defect in right auriculo-ventricular aperture, -pe< tm

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