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be done by wearing an elastic stocking or elastic bandage

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(vaginal) in removal of carcinoma of body of uterus (A. H. N. Lewers), Obst. 40

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successful the treatment is, the Longer is the starvation pei

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rigidity of the muscles, especially on the left side. The liver dulness

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larynx. In our own literature there are at least two worth citing.

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at the beginning. If one begins with small doses, one qo1 on!

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.an ii was mosl important to attend to certain details — inspiration and expira-

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, discussion on congenital heart disease, Child. 165

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Osteoma of periodontal membrane, specimen, Odont. 159

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modic asthma he had found nothing bo efficacious mall dos< of n

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The mode of infection in this case was not evident. The man was

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summarizing all of the financial transactions of the organization for the period.

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reported by J. H. Wright {Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, 1900, ix,

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water into the rectum. Pills, &c, by the mouth were, until recently,

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Rector of the Imperial and Royal Institute for Army Veterinarians and the Veteri-

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jections of glanderous virus, has been the subject of interesting

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portion of the ileum and into the caecum caused the requisite stimulation to

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On the other hand, functional heart diseases are often tem-

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molasses was fed, and a similar number made while it was be-

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use the same cake of soap for a spotty chin and a healthy

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individual whose family has bad mental trouble may often

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doubtful whether it is more dangerous than a purely local excision of the

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middle with a knife or piece of broken glass, until it is

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side is turned inwards, nearer to the other and with that

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are soon to make their home in far away Cuba. — {The Manhat-

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Signs of pneumonia appeared at the base of the left lung. He coughed

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were soon manifested, but as the animal two hours later seemed

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000,000 a year. This earning does not depend upon the ex-

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For the most current information that includes changes or updates to the OMB

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(Plate EXIX, loc. cit.) is represented the naval expedition from

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of very old people were sometimes very opaque, and he had had most trouble

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nium and starch bath — Extract of conium, 120 grains;

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the hock to the foot, upon the ground, you could perhaps more

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hypothesis, is due to the digestive action of hyperacid gastric juice on

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do not react, in America, Germany, and even in Italy, in the

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compact tissue on the surface varies very much in thickness, as is shown

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nonprofit organizations. The above link is an article on allocation of indirect costs and determining

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aborted and was followed by several others in the herd.

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She was kept in her stall throughout the experiment and re-

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(right), solution of continuity of, since birth (A. R. Thompson), Child. 201

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in the cells of normal tissues. The materials used were chiefly

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