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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the Wednesday after third Tuesday of each month.

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he in bed. To nurse him will require great courage and

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Many Continental surgeons speak of it only in terms of disparagement,

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had been placed in a bottle. He could not help taking notice of the number

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and 101° is considered slight; 101° to 104° moderately to

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Causes of Inert Preparations Occurring.-— On talking over the subject

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or eructations of gas, whilst the bowels had always acted perfectly.

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of escaping lightly. Only about one person in a hundred

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suffering for years, and only learning by bitter experience

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1 It, lias, in addition, been shown reoenllj thai Borne bodies which are efficient bactericides

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, power of destroying microbes with which they are not in immediate contact. I

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Among the more serious ones are stricture, bladder disease,

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too ill to exhibit any reaction as the result of the stimulation of the peritonea]

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the recurrence of attacks, and consequently, if successful, curing the

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so in the former, and not at all to mice. It was found in the tissues and

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50th. — No leak this date ; animal in good shape.

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skin in succession. The most hygienic way is to use one of

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more or .less painful, with the phenicated water (5 per cent.),

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Bladder, Diseases of. — There are two "bladders" in the

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Seidlitz powder, purgative action takes place after absorption into blood, Thera]

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and fatty meats such as goose, duck, pork. All fatty fish,

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one end, allowing the liquid to be forced in by gravitation.

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evaporated to dryness, at first in a stream of carbonic acid and then

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53 share loans (average, $277 each; average rate 5.50%); 5J^%, $14,700.

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mercury, the administration of it by mouth, all seem to hasten the

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cording his observations, he adds to the knowledge of his profession, and assists by his facts

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Cautley, Dr. Higgs, Dr. F. Parkes Weber, Dr. Carpenter (reply)