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J. Nesbitt, Poughkeepsie ; J. W. Corrigan, Batavia.

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and haemorrhage and rapidly putthe animal's life into the balance.

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Tiegel. Mitteil. a. d. Grenzgebeit. d. Med. u. Chir., 1904, xiii, p.

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medical aid. It has been well studied and is well under-

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of beard, pure culture of Sabouraud's trichophyton rosaoeum obtained from (Dr. A.

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meetings during October. August and September witnessed the

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(17) VON Hacker, reported by Hofmann (loc. cit., p. 742). — Posterior

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the rear of the barn, while the smoke drifted in denser clouds.

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by the auditor. Whether a program is major or non-major is based on the dollar

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It should be remembered that the late Professor Ricord, with I

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the use of iodide of potassium in the treatment of periodic

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A child with St. Vitus' dance walks jerkily and oddly, and

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and pleased by the amount of attention paid to his paper. Some of his views

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destroyed by acids. If he kept his glycerin extracts of the pancreas for

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Spirometer, special form of, for artificial hyperemia of Inn

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squill, and 1 gr. of dry extract of cascara sagrada. It is useful where

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acid or laudanum or alcohol, you wiU know it by the smell.

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5 p.m., the patient received a kick just above the pubis from a horse

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"Jennerization," he says, is the protection of an individual


As compared with sugar, starch must undergo considerable

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Chronicles" was published during the Doctor's absence from