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and-mouth disease of mammals. As contra-distinguished from
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of the chain run along the artery into the upper glands just below
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Urban Development (HUD) funding. The local housing developer is subject to
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use of molasses have been reported. It has been believed by
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Showing, in the observer's left half of the figure, shrinkage of the hepatic cells,
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a palliative measure. The difficulty of determining malignancy in any
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itch; do not leave scars; and are sometimes of every
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crystals similarly disappear: the elastic lamellae and the tine elastic
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genito-urinary system were examples of gonorrhoea] arthritis, and v.
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outer portion. It would appear as if this caused an imperfect
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in which it occurs with moderate frequency are unmarked. I am not
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(Dopter's) in treatment of tropical dysentery, Med. 98
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metals, all of which hinder the solubility of uric acid and so affect the
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Muscular exertion, influence in producing spontaneous nystagmus, Otol. 65
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calculus is discernible. Also, the radiograms (figs. 5 and 6) of the case
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The chief lameness at the time was diagnosed as arising from
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enough, and straight along the inner side. Hard corns
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slight alteration that occurs in the faeces in their passage along the large
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McCarrison, Captain R. — Observations on endemic cretinism in the Chitral and Gilgit Valleys
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is being carried out at home, where rectal medication is nearly alv
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innumerable; time will not permit me to mention more than a few,
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the disposal of Dr. N. S. Mayo, of Manhattan, Kansas, that he
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46 Stockman & Lees : The Treatment of Bheumatism
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under the peritoneum and in the appendices epiploicae. Of small size
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doctor. Not only that, but there are many cases of eczema
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resected, together with the muscle adherent to it. An anterior gastrojejun-
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Nottingham, diarrhoea at, prevalence of, relation to air temperature (chart), Epid. 50, 51
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with glossitis and stomatitis, from which the patient died exhausted.
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began to emaciate. On the sixth day a second operation was performed,
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then reason for thinking that treatment by alkalies v.
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If the skin is not broken it may be rubbed with any
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C. N. Garland, Jesse Goode*, C. H. Greene, J. B. Hall, W. A. Hemingway, A. W. Lavalle, T. E. A. McCurdy,
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reduce her weight in proceeding against the parasites before her
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Breath bad. Patient had been freely dosed with some of the
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seen in girls and young women who have outgrown their
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cannot ho any question as to its service. Especially is it of service in
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the correct interpretation of the present position. No doubt Dr. Stockman v.
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I prescribe a pill containing 1 gr. of dry digitalis leaves, 2 gr. of dry