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Paris, epidemic of whooping-cough at (1573), Child. 71

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Incorporated April 7, 1915. Began business June 7, 1915

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Joseph B. Grossman, President Samuel Barron, Jr., Treasurer

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von Recklinghausen's disease, case of (E. G. Graham Little. Perm. 88, 111

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Delage, Yves, experiments in asexual reproduction. R.S.M. 10

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(11) Female, aged 57 ; with Dr. A. L. Curtis, Dr. T. W. Bailey, and

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own particular specialties in medicine and surgery, that our

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Rooth, J. — Case of united twins (shown by B. Evans), child. 249

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, discussion on case of thyrolingual fistula, Laryng. 94

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of the cytoplasm stain a brick-red. The nucleolus is stained a light red.

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linseed meal, enough for the size of poultice required. Pour

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(12) "Silver hairs among the gold." — A few gray hairs

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hydrochloric acid (without pepsin) gave a like result, thus showing that

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Schnutgen, statistics of cases tested by Lenhartz dietary, quoted, Therap. 92

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N. Y., that produced thirty and five-eighths pounds in seven