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(prolonged or difficult), factor in production of cretinism in offspring, Med. 12
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202 share loans (average, $278 each; average rate 5%); 5%, $56,225.
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that in children in whom wasting occurs during the first year of life,
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The Nonprofit Financial Center (NFC) is a membership organization that provides financial
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fectual. The outlay of public money for ineffective work, or
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body of an obese woman, aged 36, who had died of chronic nephritis,
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publicans of the Twentieth Assembly District of Kings County
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circulation, Clin. 87 ; discussion (p. 95) : Dr. Paul Chapman, Sir T. Lauder Bru:
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Dosage. — ^When the dose of a medicine is mentioned in
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connection, or by kissing or other contact, to the healthy
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in small quantities from a can in a dirty retail grocery
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lamella cells. Here and there a dense cluster of lymph' om-
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nary surgery, are impracticable in routine practice, for several
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of muoo-membranous sigmoiditis and gall-stones, Surg. 84
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on tumour (? sarcoma) [fibromyoma] of fundus uteri, 01
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veins entering into the portal system, as also by the similar condition of
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acquired. The oldest example recorded of recent years w . ■ .1 87,
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39, for dilated stomach with epigastric pain. He remained well until July
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" This is very difficult," Rolleston says, "and it is only seldom that
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carriages, and hundreds of innocent children are born every
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as a fixer, in which case other staining methods may be used.
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