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Secondary Syphilis" (1904) as follows: — "Even fche grave cases if

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Lister, Lord, tongue-traction method, alluded to, Anaesth. 61

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, discussion on benign tumours in wall of stomach, Surg. 319

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Littlejohn, Dr.— Case of acrodermatitis perstans (Hallopeau) (shown by Dr. H. Radcliffe

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The first meeting of the Society of Comparative Medicine

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Paris, epidemic of whooping-cough at (1573), Child. 71

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W. J. Eldred, J. F. McCarthv*, Robert Pezzini, W. H. Pierce, R. M. Robinson, F. O. Scott, E. L. Stoughton,

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was performed in May, 1899, on a young man suffering from pyloric steno- -

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