showed no trace of ordinary worms as the ascaris, but several
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ation has issued a directory of the licensed veterinary prac-
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(intestinal), connexion of chronic ulcerative colitis with, Med BO
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different set of financial reports to prepare and analyze. At different times an
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nipples of the breast become very dark red instead of a
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nor less than the first stage of the dreadful disease called
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chest while you count three. (This imitates the act of
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cured entirely, while some were greatly benefited by it.
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Chas. Ellis, of St. Louis. The operators were prompt and the
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that might accrue from an error in human judgment. Such errors could be min-
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rupture. In our 59 cases tenderness is recorded as having been present
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the evening of Feb. 13th by withdrawing some of the oats and
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Biernacki, J. — Discussion on whooping-cough, Child. 85
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to the ciliary processes and the iris. This area lies on the pos-
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symptoms the abdomen was opened, and a small perforated ulcer 1 in. in dian
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on protrusion of synovial membrane through tympanic plate and beneath skin of
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have been isolated chemically pure, and some of them exert remarkable
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an ovum from the relics of one ovary. Should the ligature come away
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floor on a rug; or if put on a bed or sofa, he must be
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a wart of a certain type — a wart which, if left alone, will
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our ballots in the box for the other political party at the
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152 Jamieson & Dobson : The Lymphatics of the Colon
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past, and especially the gentlemen who now devote themselves to work
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diminishing doses. But at the very beginning of a first
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Old age, degenerations of, theory accounting for, Surg. 72
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tion disease (see British Medical Journal, previous reference).
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Old age, degenerations of, theory accounting for, Surg. 72
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Attack- the more severe aud protracted, especially the Eruption on Shin
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front of the eye in these eases gets to look like ground
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ity of the wounds, which were all around the nose, or, again,
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had remained consistently very ill; after vaccination the temperature
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Bubo. — {See "Glands.") A bubo is a swollen gland.
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encircling areas until now the inhabitants of a large urban
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Pyelitis associated with hyperpyrexia in children, Child. 267