diet, and as a large fistula opened from the caecum on to the abdomen it
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very tractable if it is dealt with early enough, and the
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quickened to 62 half-seconds, granules had fallen to 1 to 29, and blood-
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Brow presentation and dystocia, caused by fcetal chondrodystrophia (Kedarnath Das), Obst.
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has been heard the experiment has proved satisfactory ; but it is
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the fibrous structures of the joints, causing them to in-
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returned. Dr. Quenu in his case (Group II, No. 3) resect* fcioD
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The treatment of a small carbuncle is the same as for a
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is diseased or which has undergone degeneration as a result of poisoning
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ness or blindness, squinting, nose-bleediug, vomiting, de-
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and become acutely painful. To obtain a cure clean the
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arrived and when the various parts of the body have done
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certain that many a man and woman whose piles are a
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digestion. Apart, however, from alcoholic drink, the con-
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day, and after seven days of treatment all the symptoms had
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parts sodden and helps to spread the inflammation. "When
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probably will always remain harmless; but as no one can
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Fleming, A. — Demonstration of a simple method of serum-diag syphilis by the
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persons whose earliest syphilitic exanthem was accompanied by jaundice
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the soap-powder preparations, so as to have absolutely fresh
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exception (No. 3), none of these show any proper gluteal eminence, and
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the end of the ileum in a dog in half an hour was very important, because a
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indicating the point of acute exacerbation of the portal infection. At
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mary ailment, I incidentally came across a very large mass, the
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commencement of the attack, and contained blood, bile and al-
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hospital. Midway between the umbilicus and the ensiform cartilage,
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wall, but lay between loops of small intestine. The persistence of the
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first introductory address was delivered at the Veterinary De-
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payments made for last year's bills, and some income and expenses for the
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New series issued in January, April, .July, October
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in 965 persons in five English factories (from Mr. Cunningham's
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offer resistance to a smaller quantity of infective material than
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occurred in a case of pneumonia complicated by an empyema from which
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in tig. 1, which is a C.R. curve on a day when qo drugs were tak
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^that hysterical women are very difficult to cure because
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the sounds over the caecum were due to the arrival of fluid there. Those