Hand, bones of, changes in, due to exposure to X-rays, Electr. 13, 14, 32
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muscles in cases of visceral injury with the fixation oi' the hip in inflam-
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Dr. LANGDON BROWN said he thought Dr. Spriggs had done a service in
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of it with which we as veterinarians are thrown into almost
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lipoids of the liver and other viscera, highly unsaturated acids with an
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wound is only possible at the expense of the tissues surrounding it. We
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the respiratory tract. The body ultimately finds a way to
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a thorough exposition of the treatment necessary. When
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its functions, but probably it was the same as that of the secretion of the caecum
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if one's clothes catch fire, there may result a very exten-
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three months there had been, twice a week, acute attacks of paroxysmal
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— practised by quacks of Jewish origin in Middle Ages, Odont. 77, 78, 80
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Horse, faeces of, examined for presence of Morgan's bacillus, Epid. 142
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If possible, where there is more than one child in a house,
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You could also track two programs and sites by adding a third tier. If you had
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(3) Don't wash the head with frequent irrigations of
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tion at University College, London ; others are in the Ashmolean
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Warren, R. — Discussion on fibrosis of left lung, Child. 196
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the labia majora. Piette's expression is ambiguous ; the " termination "
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there are nerves passing from the viscera cod imuli to ti ■ I