Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 20% on series less than 5 years old; 10% on series

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men, especially such as have got on in business, and have

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are intended to represent the average range in ordinary cases for adults ; they

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of portal vein associated with stricture of urethra and double mitral disease, fatal

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fering with their blood-supply, but this may be ignored if the appendix is not opened too

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where it passed through the coats of the bladder ; its vesical orifice

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Liver : The right lobe of the liver appears to be forced down below

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first place we all, or nearly aU, eat a good deal more than

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(syphilitic), fracture of patella resulting from (R. Johnson), Clin. 29

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It is not my present purpose to discuss these rival theories ; it

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the molasses food was used. The animal was in good spirits

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California Office of the Attorney General-Registry of

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gastrojejunostomies for non-malignant disease of the stomach. Wicken-

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bare back between the shoulder blades, often stops the

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putting the patients in the sitting posture ; Mr. Turner thought the important

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As a result of the testimony in numerous reports the follow-

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and South American Indians; very common among the Polynesia

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To help the board fulfill its oversight function, it is important for the executive

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- narcosis, conditions under, compared with those under anaesthesia, Anaesth. C, 9, I

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after operation) : Appendix opened and douching commenced

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In May, 1905, he was admitted into hospital under Professor Kronlein, who

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water, furnishes a powerful white light; but its use is not

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For a long time Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire had demonstrated that

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ency toward insanity. Mental instability may be inherited

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various sera and vaccines are to be introduced. Some of them are

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on the common bile-duct and give rise to obstructive jaundice. Naturally

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seen in girls and young women who have outgrown their

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that drawing a sample from this population will give us a result not

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exercise come to their notice every year. The physical

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especially in the neighbourhood of London, to bring on a miscarriage, but -

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in short, involuntarily attempted to swallow his tumour.

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— backache. This often comes on quite suddenly as a

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Members of the public who seek and are unable to obtain additional financial

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recent years in the heavy harness classes at the horse shows,

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poisons in those sores, and in the most interesting of the cases in his paper

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any effect when injected into animals. Then in hyiKjfheses as

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