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had had no further attacks, but she suffered, as she had for many
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Lettering the same as in fig. '2 with the addition of I.S.O.H., inverted sac of
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was not sought until a well-marked mass was present which could be
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gland and of the common subcutaneous fat to analysis, in order to
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five grains of butyl-chloral and twenty grains of sodiiun
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was received from Topeka that the champion pacing stallion
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sensibly. A man who, seeing his beloved wife in the night
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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 25% on series less than 4 years old; 20% on series
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to make the disease any worse. Epileptic fits are attacks
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arsenic also acts upon fche trypanosomes in the rat, but I
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dition which varies so greatly in different women, but it is
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, ulcers due to, healing under ionic medication, Eleotr. 141
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scess formation did not take place. After having relieved the
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Blood-supply, defective, diminishes resistant powers of nervous system towards nareot.
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the amount of sodium bicarbonate. The daily increase of dose may
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course, neither in such cases produces a reliable measure of im-
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Coupland (S.), rare defect of interventricular septum, case quoted, Child. 294
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Scholefield, R. E. — Discussion on perforation of soft palate following scarlet fever, Laryng. 16
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phanthus. As far as I can judge the heart (auricles and ventricles)
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reliable evidence of the re-infection of such animals has been
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and gastrojejunal ulcer. For this reason operations of the " Y type "
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Lenhartz treatment resulted in a cane. Another patient objected to
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The following veterinarians were present : — Drs. H. Bradley,
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— , intraperitoneal bleeding from, in fatal case of accidental haemorrhage, partly