contents of a privy vault, off the expectoration from a con-

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Tilley. H. — Chronic suppuration in the left sphenoidal sinus, recovery. Laryng. 143 ;

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blood vessels in the neck are severed ; but a wound of the

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were normal ; secondly, in the absence of an analysis, to assume that

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(right), trophic ulcer of, healed by cataphoresis (T. J. P. Hartigan), Derm. 7

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culture a fortnight after this, but as it appeared well six days later a

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may even invade the interior of the cell, as in the case of the

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that it is known that in at least some cases of myeloma the growth

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throat spray should always be used ; it lessens the risk of ear

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has well-marked syphilitic incisor teeth and evidence of old keratitis, yet

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period of four months more and more escaped by the colotomy and less

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tory organs of nutrition having carried on their functions pre-

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drunkard is fed up ,and rested and encouraged, so that

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cnemii muscles. If you could, therefore, imagine a horse stand-

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ani, and the completion of an anastomosis by everting the rectum

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is a little feverish, the liver is tender, the whites of the

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of this before the Section, but they would readily understand that many calculi

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phuric acid 9.8 gr. per litre. The modus operandi of the test is

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by their lady patients for some unobjectionable method of

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but also to find a method of diagnosis more rapid and more

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a perforation peritonitis which in the untreated cases speedily had a fatal

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The policy adopted in our closed state banks of first providing dividends to

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through the nose. She presented all the symptoms of oesoph-

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 20%

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buried or spread out on soil at some distance from the house

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Naqada were found several figures modelled in whitish marly clay or in

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tain evidence to "hit off" a diagnosis of "round worms" and

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Murmur, absence of, in case of patent ductus arteriosus (F. Parkes Weber), Child. 193

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epiphysis of the vertebral spine. On the cartilage there is a thick peri-

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cauterization of the septum should precede the removal of the polypi.

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tion 24 to 20 ; they were the same before operation. Temperature

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With hysteria, it is different. She (it is generally, but not

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are two veterinarians on the Advisory Board ; there are also the

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at the St. Louis meeting of the A. V. M. A. of the work on this

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sion to revert to this case later in our narrative.

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that account, and he thought a catheter should never be left in. It was often

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excluded. This, of course, only applies to extreme deviations.

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not dilated. Pyloric portion of stomach fixed to the tumour mentioned above.

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interfering with such drainage as the case may require. An extremely thick and fat meso-

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17 c.c. per half-hour respectively, and the blood-pressure at 8.30 a.m.

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majority of cases, an infallible diagnostic agent, even detecting

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