H. H. Johnson, M. E. McGrath, D. W. Richardson, E. W. Rogers, N. S. Trippe, H. F. Whitney*.

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moribund, and quite unfit for any operation. The question of how far

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impure when collected in towns. The air of towns is con-

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String galvanometer, description and use of, Elcctr. 2

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find on a child's head, and which generally "close up" in

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, distension causing dystocia (J. E. Spicer), Obst. 1

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Zeeman, founder of corpuscular theory of electricity, Electr. 1

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Section of thejsegment of urachus which passed between the bladder and the

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sideways. The skuU is too big and bulgy, and so the face

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Tell him everything, carry out his full directions and work

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First term, %%; second term, >^%; third term, %%;

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budgeting taxes by monthly payments in advance has likewise had a great appeal

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the temperature had returned to normal, and the patient made an

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being passed. Every trace of a shadow had now disapp th»-

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violet, but no cell-nuclei are brought out in the tissue. 'I i clear

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pain was probably due to the irritation of the Murphy button, which,

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stirring all the time, and strain through a coarse sieve.

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of this Society, were very evident in this case ; indeed, it cleared up com-

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meal far in excess of his requirements, and of a nature dif-

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always, found in the former animal. This posterior rectus, or

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very trivial. Of course the appendix would sometimes atrophy with age, but

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and 27 at the University Museum, Oxford ; although I

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or building up the protein constituent of protoplasm. In starvation the

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, relation to arrested development of genital tract, Surg. 213

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It is the only substance which produce- any definite effect. Th

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by other writers is to be seen at a glance. Let us trust that the m

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American Journal of Dental Science, founding of, Odont. 'Jl

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leading to inflammatory infiltration of the adherent structures. Jejunal

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mata ought to afford relief, and any operation will be of very doubtful

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amount and time of feeding, dependent upon the age and

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not thick, connective tissue. With animals that are easily

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digits may, in certain cases, be reproduced — to the right and

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