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when the splenic vein has become blocked by thrombosis, the back
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Chap. 133. An Act authorizing co-operative banks to include in their reserves
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maintained that cases of this disease did as well upon mint-water or
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Incorporated June 29, 1916. Began business July 12, 1916
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the temperature had returned to normal, and the patient made an
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mesenteric to about the middle of the sigmoid flexure, care being taken
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if the breakdown is due to excesses and debauchery instead
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infraspinal muscles and the lowest angle of the scapula. They were
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Try the following mixture : — Sodium bicarbonate, 15
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a slighter type, and tattooed, so there must have been two types of
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and purulent, like the contents of a boil or an abscess.
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filters are provided with an arrangement by which the lime
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right and left lobes, is scarred but not much depressed. Section of
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, discussion on case of non-ovarian pelvic dermoid tumour, Obst. ::
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My conviction is that if these methods were adopted universally, the
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contained no tender body. The perineum was markedly deep, so that
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she would probably have been quite independent of enemata.
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ings that the incoming air must first circulate over the
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weakened virus, increasing in strength day by day, it has been
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Exhibit, he will find a gentleman ready to free him from diffi-
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treatment by galvano-caustic puncture (J. Dundas Grant), Laryng. 107, 108
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There are some few people fortunate enough to preserve
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minor importance which may give rise to or modify the appearance of a
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B. — The other type of artificial eruptions is produced
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good supper, but immediately afterwards he was seized with severe
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performed by placing the limb on a shoeing block, as described
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Mr. E. P. Row lands expressed gratitude to the author for his paper, but
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has worked earnestly and persistently, without other reward
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any external wound. He was not able to say exactly how it was ruptured, as
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before the course of treatment could be taken, it would leave but
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the beating of the heart, which pumps blood round the
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from the postulates of the " normal " system, and must frame other
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, case of toxaemia apparently produced by ascaris lumbricoides, Child. 1; disc.
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