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Exercise, effect in fibroid type of tuberculosis, Med. 227
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, specimen of dermoids, one in each ovary of an old lad\ aged 92, Obst. 22
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a type known as neurotic. He showed some slides indicating the volume of the
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, communications to Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section, Obst. 366
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be found easy to do the gastroenterostomy before the tumour was removed.
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improved. Lazarus Barlow showed, years ago, that the whole body-wall, for
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consisted of fifteen counts of cells made by Dr. Alexander Fleming,
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H. N. Goodspeed, F. S. Hartshorne*, W. A. Hickey, R. A. Hovey, L. M. Howe, W. C. McKie*, C. E.
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microbes than to man. And the micro-organisms differ so much from
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in treatment of syphilis of upper respiratory passages, Laryng. 72, 76
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A few quotations will indicate the chief observations as yet extant, bear-