in the urine. Dr. Lees had referred to the beneficial effect oi alkalies, such as
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pulled out of the abdominal wound owing to its damaged condition.
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A married woman aged 62 was admitted under the care of Dr. ('. II.
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the hair is brittle and splits at the ends. Then you can
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this direction fails and the system falls under the shadow of the
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to right, by rotation round vertical axis, Otol. 50
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tion were less extensively diseased. In two instances only the
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follow this operation when performed in appropriate cases. It is of
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practice. Thus not- long ago a doctor in practice in Chicago wr me
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source of information than the celebrated chemist, Prof. D.
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The horse, then has always three metacarpals — one for the
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right i lower ribs with a steel spanner 2 ft. Long. Abdomen somewhat
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Board of Directors: A. J. Bean, A. L. Bemis, Henry Duckworth, Nicholas Fusaro, R. P. Harold*, J. J. Higgins*,
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belittle its success in these nor in scattered cases of more serious disorder.
luted molasses slowly added and mixed thoroughly. This was
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A. P. Drew in regard to the habit of tongue-lolling, and would
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palatine nerves and vessels was the more obvious, while in man it was in the
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hy the declarations of others whom he trusts. A man, for
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hand ; mistake to have made incision superiorly ; should have
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centre does not give out and the heart does not cease to heat, hut the
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, results of, not to be mistaken for those of artificial inoculation, M
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Therapeutics. — Dr. G. S. Haynes, in writing of the pharmacology of
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Mollison, W. M. — Child with absent abdominal muscles. Child. 127
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the citrates were often absorbed much better than were the bicarbonates, and
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the bladder, and in the bottom of the back, too frequent
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New series issued in January, April, July, October.
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diaphysis of the radius and on the olecranon. The examina-
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in which the growth has been found to consist of plasma-cells or of
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Dr. W. Edgecombe, Sir John Broadbent, Dr. W. P. Herringham, Dr. Thoin a- I.
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Alcohol is a useful food in very small quantities, an
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something to have established that animals of that species can
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pany. Once in a while, a child grows out of the complaint,
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bronchioles of a cat were made to contract by means of such a drug as pilocar-
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In 1901, Ravenel and McCarthy confirmed the findings of Van