, treatment by vaccine made from organism, Clin. 164

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have a single audit. However, you should be aware that the threshold amount is

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ticed and the bran was given to correct it. They concluded

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The testicle weighed 95 grammes. With this horse the opera-

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Ladd*, R. S. Leighton, C. C. Nichols, J. W. Philbrick*, W. J. Rockwood, B. G. Teel*.

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ointment does good, or the rash may be dusted with dry

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the anaesthetic, the place to open it was explained to Dr. A. But

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ostomy. On separating the adhesions a perforated jejunal ulcer was discovered

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been tried, proved and failed. The proof of both (1) and (2) will appear

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Mali. i in tend Chirurgie, xiii, p. 897.— Male, aged 25. July, Anterior

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whence it passes through a dust-filter, consisting of a

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on treatment of sarcoma with Coley's fluid, Clin. 155

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half of food had escaped and collected into a sac formed by the

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bladder and is inclined to be constipated. October 6, L908 : The dis-

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be, and badly shaped. The operation that is done is to cut

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patients will come to a doctor about a loss of appetite, with-

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On the contrary, a Lung which was only a quarter-full emptied itself into a

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more so than is shown in Kauber's figures. This is a totally different

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Lond., (1898) 1899, xxxiv, p. 33 (see p. 41 for Targett, on " Myosarcoma of the Urachus ").

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, discussion on formalin and other root-dj at. 1 17

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'2*5, accompanied by a rapid disappearance of the last of the boils and

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he tries to hide it and does not ask for sympathy. Even

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work to do ; for work is the grandest thing to keep you in

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the Committee power to produce that hook of medicines and compounds and

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gastrojejunostomy opening w 7 as made. Four years later the patient was reported

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Dr. Triiiins gives re cords of over 400 cases treated by his method,

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tied it on both sides. It was then divided between the cyst and the

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size and in due time the cow was again covered and became

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by drugs taken internally. The rash caused by too much

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Case X. — Brown mule, intensely lame on left fore limb.

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