and hatch out as little black wrigglers which live in the

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assessed $27,655,535; appraised $27,402,103) . . .$30,610,735 90

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— - on purulent encephalitis treated by drainage and removal of int\

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after some minutes it had sunk to the level of the umbilicus, at the same

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pricked; it is a waste of time to argue with him. He is

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good supper, but immediately afterwards he was seized with severe

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Bromide eruption, case of (G. Norman Meachen), Derm. 80

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from 5 to 6 years old; 5% on series from 6 to 7 years old; after 7 years, none

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efforts, lessening the numberless irritations and infinite

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1 in. by J in. This opening was enlarged and the distal end of the

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a state of health, but when pleurisy has come on each

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deep median groove. In them the palate is altogether thin, and the

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or appetite, so tiie quantity of alcoholic liquor which will

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beyond the swelling of the limbs. Examination of the thorax, however,

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Balance as shown in statement of October, 1936 (4,450 estates

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Perhaps 1 may now he allowed to mention one or two other points

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Pirie, A. Howard. — Discussion on case of epithelioma of lower lip under treatment by

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lation are described under the treatment of measles (which

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Sulphuric-acid test, modified, for strophanthin, Therap. 139

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not bulge into the vagina, but passed behind it. The tuberosity in the

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One recent writer 1 has stated his belief that in every case of

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The tumor on the right side was extracted first, and as a ven-

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General Condition. Appendicostomy for Nutritional Purposes.

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symptoms in the third stage; but once the last secondary

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Moynihan, B. Or. A. " Case of Gastrojejunostomy for Complete Rupture of the Intestine at

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■ Beginning cash, which is ending cash from previous month.

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had become affected with malignant disease, Laryng. 166

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A benign form of jaundice is well known to occasionally associate

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spoonfuls of soft soap. A lump of carbonate of soda will

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troduced Hon. Martin T. Littleton, President of the Borough of

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fades. Nearly every case of influenza which is going to

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