onset of symptoms are shown in the following table : —

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bacilli ; serum treatment for hog cholera and swine plague ;

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open same afternoon. Patient pale, covered with sweat. Temperature

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For colic or constipation strengthen the formula, sub-

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appear to be started by the entrance of urine into them.

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joint of the index finger, appeared to take origin from the site of an

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Section of torus of moderate size ; thickening of lower table as well as diploe.

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Lea, A. W. W., and Sidebotham, E. J. —Bacteria of the puerperal Qterni witii -fecial

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good number of cases, particularly in attempting to relieve carcinoma which

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New series issued in January, April, July, October.

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are very numerous. Small erythroblastic foci are seen here and there.

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associated with painful redness and swelling of some part

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Avoid the inhalation of dust. Keep up the resistance

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a type known as neurotic. He showed some slides indicating the volume of the

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If the chest has a shape different to that, it may, perhaps,

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of the bowel to get rid of the waste matters. It is now

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attacked by an infectious disease which cannot be classified

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together with the respect entertained for Gauss and Laplace as scientific

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Mr. G. E. Ward, of the Westminster Hospital. (The specimen has

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Its isomers meta- and para-oxybenzoic acids are practically inert,

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sufficient reason. She wants to be taken notice of all the

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, danger of excited X-ray tubes to sufferers from, Electr. 8

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156 share loans (average, $351 each; average rate 5.50%); 5}4%, $54,710.

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interference, a measure which, in view of the condition of the other

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separating the bowel with the growth, the peritoneum and the sub-

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Diffusion stirs up the air and dilutes the impure air with

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about. That was of great consequence in all cases where there had fo