of the stomach, and the abdomen closed. Even this was evidently almost

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masses referred to. Occasionally, but quite rarely, a small

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on series of cases of hbromyoma of uterus submitted to operation, Obst. 72

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states so as to grant the privilege to all the veterinary schools

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reference to an article by Nocard in 1879, since which time it

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with a bottle brush and hot soap-suds and then placed for

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protecting the United States from the importation of various

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of the artery vary in number from one to four. The highest sigmoid

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can colleges, and honest, self-educated veterinarians found it

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correct when he said that all shying horses had these corpora

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the vena cava ; so that the inferior mesenteric group is not continuous

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Freshwater, D. — Case of syphilis secondaire tardive (Fournier), Derm. 72

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aged 19) was supposed to have had a secondary syphilitic rash about

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towel. When they have occurred they must be carefully

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(17) LENNANDEE, reported by Einar Key (loc. cit.).— On December 2, 1906,

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rectal contents, which were mainly blood, examined microscopi-

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Board of Directors: S. C. Blanchard, John Challis, J. T. Clark, E. R. Eustis, Vincent Farnsworth, J. J. Fitz-

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I consider the Review invaluable, and I must not miss

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^ a 111- 5 i°S**il*Ji°a;~ •fk-ss^'f" - § g|»l SI r-: :?=■= :

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the sixteenth of each month.

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The person responsible for filing your financial reports depends somewhat on

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middle age the best exercises are bicycling, horseback rid-

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, pollution of atmosphere as factor in incidence of, Epid. 1-

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Incorporated June 14, 1888. Began business September 4, 1888

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of a venereal disease. There are two types of chancre, the

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(7) The operation of ileosigmoidostomy or partial colic exclusion is

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and a perforated jejunal ulcer 2 to 3 mm. from the anastomotic opening was

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series and 16 of the second. Of the 21 patients treated by the Lenhartz

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will tire you, but persevere. Do it fifteen times, then lie

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of this Society, were very evident in this case ; indeed, it cleared up com-

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