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it is due to minute crystals in the cells of the part, the crystals

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Dr. T. P. Strangeways, and his co-workers Miss Fitzgerald and

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mosquitoes that breed there may be greatly lessened.

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lead to an early death. The over-feeding of children is

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asked whether Mr. Bidwell could consistently object to the teeth in the clamp,

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Curtis, B. F. " Contusion of the Abdomen, with Rupture of the Intestine," Amer. Journ.

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have added to the general venous congestion. Such congestion would be

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Pneumonia, with cerebral symptoms, associated with hyperpyrexia in children, Child, i

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very often fatal. Other lung diseases are Abscess of the

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possible to raise blood-pressure. Digitalis, ergot, strychnine, are of little

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, radical post-aural operation, syringe for use after (U. Pritchard), Otol. 19

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, urachal cyst simulating appendicular abscess: arrested development of genital ;

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the third Wednesday of each month.

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, group not fermenting lactose, Epid. 136, 138, 148

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Arthritis deformans (maternal), factor in production oi cretinism in ofbpr

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ular cataract when four months old and is now blind. In a

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spective governments of the various States of the Confedera-