Board of Directors: A. E. Barnes*, F. T. Barnes, R. P. Burrell*, G. W. Conant, C. W. Dunbar, F. W. Holbrook,
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sudden, terrific pain at the heart, a sense of impending
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methods and to train men to combat these diseases, and to assist
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Obturator herniae shed a sidelight on the popular and comfortable
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for the college year was called to order at 8 p. m., Friday, Oct.
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jejunostomy is performed on a dilated stomach, the operation is usually
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minds really require more treatment than their bodies, and
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be removed is then stripped forwards from the upper part of the sacral
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, disinfection, creosote treatment useless, Therap. 51
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peas, beans, seakale, apples, pears, oranges, gooseberries,
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in the cupboard, and this should be dusted over the bum.
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when she again received at my hands a repetition of the aspid-
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their relation to his profession and to the ideals in agricultural
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2d. The fact that the malady follows an acute course and is
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to pyrexia! and in apyrexial conditions (E. 0. Sort), Med. L77-226
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as they are presented in the Statement of Position (balance sheet). The account
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, transference to custody of Royal College of Surgeons, Odont. 175, 176
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(laryngeal) submucous, examples (S. G. Shattock), Path. 291
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Generally nothing more happens than that the nucleoli in the cytoplasm
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but no one can be sure that it will not break out again later
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H. C. Fay*, Alice V. Goodnow, W. G. Lord*, J. H. Mcintosh, S. L. Morse, C. E. Worrick, E. L. Worrick*.
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, see also Lead-poisoning ; Nicotine, toxic effect of ; Nutmt ning by
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that has already aborted, should be at once removed to a sepa-
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sulphuric acid, 1 drachm; compound infusion of gentian,
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or absence of metastases, and the morphology of the cells constituting
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being so firmly adherent that the intestine was torn while at-
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■ Fee — Compare bids from auditors regarding the fees they charge to do the
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the nose. In fourteen of these some benefit was noticed, and in some the
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— — - diet in treatment of gastric ulcer, Therap. Ill
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hospitals during the last fifteen years (1893-1907), Surg. 1; discussion (p. 64): Mr.
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life and open-air occupations in favor of the town employ-
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for forty-eight hours, and then in solution of gum arabic ; the sections
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of acute infections, phagocytosis of lymphocytes by the endothelial cells