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The Action of Digestive Ferments upon each other. By William Bain, M.D. ... 165
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of horses, consisting in a dry inflammation of the diarthrodial
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misconception respecting meaning of term, Laryng 3. 4
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— — on perforation of soft palate following scarlet fever, Laryng. 16
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jejunum just below its junction with the stomach, with the formation
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Drinking Cup. — ^Reliable bacteriologists who have made
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sodium, and of ammonium. A fourth form is a clear, color-
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is the case in the tubers of Helianthus (Jerusalem artichoke) or the
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water brash, heartburn, and disordered action of the
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which the proximal portion is broadened by fat, the terminal moiety
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physicians; many formulas are given, and it is curious to note how
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, four epidemics charted to correspond week by week, Epid. 256
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154 Greenwood: A Statistical View of the Opsonic Index
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that has already aborted, should be at once removed to a sepa-
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Herhold. Deutsch. med. Wochenschr., 1898, xxiv, p. 61.
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this aperture and pushed onwards for 3 in. upwards, backwards and a
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, surgical anatomy of, illustrated by specimens (A. Cheatle), Otol. 20
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Regular meeting for receipt of monej'S the second Thursday of each month.
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tent paroxysmal pain had been felt in the abdomen, which was not
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and check number should be maintained, either as a subsidiary journal if
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Fawcett, John. — Discussion on cases of congenital heart disease, Child. 11
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tions on animals. In human beings, on the other hand, by adequate
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starting at the angle of the V. The preputial orifice is opened,
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For obvious reasons gastric analysis was impossible in the cases
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consequence the symptoms were of less than twenty-four hours' duration.
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. , diminution of oxygen in blood under, Anaesth. 4, 5, 6
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— on three cases of raised vascular nsevi cured by carbon-dioxide snow, Derm. 157