were injected subcutaneously with toxin. The dose was so arranged that

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sheep have been shipped into this State for feeding purposes,

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One man said he saw another horse have this one by throat ;

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(23) Operation for jejunal nicer by BEBG (gastrojejunostomy previously by

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for posting, that is, "FICA" expense is 7311, unemployment insurance is 7312,

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distinguish a diverticulum of the bladder from a patent urachus, even

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F. H. Newton, C. A. Noyes, J. A. Price, A. J. Robinson, F. T. Towle, J. A. Whittemore, Jr.

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in the lymphocytes, large or small. Sections were stained by the Gram-

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capillary network, the high vascularity being doubtless the chief cause of

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opportunity of examining in the living animal, is much as in Hunter's

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of sewage. This comes about as a rule through the con-

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To the south are the cliff dwellings, the petrified forest

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example, when he said that an appendix placed in the abdominal wall v

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tumor which, if it were removed, would not be replaced by

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Board of Directors: L. H. Allen, H. C. Bacon, F. A. Bayrd, G. D. Crawford*, E. G. Davis, R. M. Kaulback,

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tricts. The cretin may live to be a good age, and is often

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to have been based upon external observations as to the general

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[9] Otto, E. Arch. f. exp. Path. u. Pharm., 1905, lii, p. 370.

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102 share loans (average, $408 each; average rate 5.50%); 53^%, $41,620.

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Study of his chart and history make it probable that lie died of

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Wilson, T. G. — Discussion on case of primary ovarian actinomycosis, Obst. 247

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established on the surface ? In either case the proceeding did not seem to

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Reno, M. C. Silveira, D. N. Sleeper, G. W. Sleeper, C. J. Williams.

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different action in the human being according to whether he was lying down

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www.s fgov.org/ ethics Refer to Appendix D for more information on

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seven years, was in fairly good health until five weeks before death,

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