shifting more or less pain can be caused, which manifests itself

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In both Camelus bactrianus and Camelus dromedarius the hump is

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(and there are hosts of them in our great cities and else-

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there found lacunae lined with epithelium in the urachus. (5) The

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tumor (on one or both sides of the middle line), which is

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toujours a cette epoque, entre ]e buccinateur, le mass£ter et Les

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considerably to suit the cases. He would not invariably use Lenhartz's or any

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Beijerinck, on filtrable viruses, quoted, Epid. 114, 115

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as to treatment until many months have elapsed. The following

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(3) Saline purgatives are especially good for gouty and

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peritoneal cavity occurs is obvious. Immediate laparotomy and suture

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The after-treatment consisted in the subcutaneous administration of irjv

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Wylie, A. — Discussion on case of unusually large and long tongue, Laryng. Ill

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published a full account of six additional cases, one of which is of

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at Deal and Walmer, outbreak at Royal Marine Depot due to contamination of

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the paper showed a good deal of devotion to the subject, and the Section would

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(4) Have nothing to eat or drink for at least two hours

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Nothing is known here as to whether any periodical diminution or

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Kiekby-Gomes, S. A. — Discussion on preservation of appendix vermiformis, Surg. 99

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, one-sixth

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tainted with gout, or rheumatism, or alcoholism, or syphilis,

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cured by jejunostomy, but no information was given as to what wa>> meant.

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for special reasons already given, could not have been safely separated

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Sarcomatosis (diffuse) of brain and spina] cord (F. E. Batl M

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those seen in phosphorus poisoning: in man, on the other hand,

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The Commissioners were Sir Michael Foster (M. P.), Prof.

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in their saliva, their urine, and blood. By experiments on

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August 19th, in the Coliseum, a place admirably adapted for

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disturbance of the lesser circulation, with the usual symptoms. At

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Pirsl ia order of importance are the measures prophylactic against

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find wide acceptance, leaving emulsions of dead bacteria to a useful but limited

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