prognosis is infinitely better than in pylephlebitis. From this dictum
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died with it, had been considered as free from virulency. The
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of Review readers to hear from Dr. Talbot as to " Who stole
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on functions of colon in relation to colic exclusion, Surg. 185
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not quite symmetrical, but presents an extra lobe on the right side.
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malaria becomes a chronic disease and leads to a chronic
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energy and eflSciency to some extent, and have the in-
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procedures the anastomosis and a portion of the jejunum are deprived of
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treated by the owner at various times with one of the commonly-
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(9) "Errors of Vision." — If you cannot see as well as
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large measure for the mortality, four out of six. Two survived for a
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be encountered and must be avoided. The mesosigmoid is then divided
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account of the rather unusual combination of symptoms noted
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, with unusual features of eruption (A. Whitfield), Derm.
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State Live Stock Sanitary Board. Oklahoma was represented
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followed by a complete recovery; but when alcoholism has
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a submucous lipoma, sessile, measuring 6 cm. by 3'5 cm. by 2 cm. It
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Simionescu refers to observations of Lioubimow and otl n«'
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of tissue, that if we are to wait "until it skins over" we
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The upper part of the ascending colon, the hepatic flexure, and the
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because in such cases hyperacidity is usually markedly present.
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output began to rise. This result threw grave doubt on the power of the
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of treatment is, in many cases, extremely successful. It hac
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symptoms in a human being, weighing on an average about twenty
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they escape hours of face-ache, and much indigestion,
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tion in you may lead to my early death. How then is a
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anastomosis, the presence of severe pain and a tender resistance rendei
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As the farmer had intended to destroy the animal the fol-
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run horn on each side of the toe-crack carefully removed. Anti-
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, Cook, P., and Schlbsingbb, K. Q. The actios of salim
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vaccination by intravenous injection, which are claimed, with
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the granules were examined every fifteen minutes after a
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Glover, C. A. Leach, W. D. Mclntyre, F. H. Sargent, C. A. Stone* W. A. Whitney*, H. P. Wilkinson*,
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commenced. November 5: Has been out and about three weeks and
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Lambert [0] in 1907 published five Beven s, all of whom did
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, containing human teeth, high charges for, reason of, Odont. 95
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are improving, and it is the medical expert who generally
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