by cysts or cystomata of one or both ovaries, Obst. 53
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the first thing to do is to cauterize the bite. Only a sur-
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"Reminders" of Syphilis. — These may take dozens of
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favour of strophanthus as a heart tonic appears to the most sceptical as
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examined, 87 in number, comprised 46 examples of acute infective
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rest for a week. The period ceased and the tumour remained station-
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, various forms of, treatment by appendicostomy, Surg. 77
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in this country. This is because they have by their work shown
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attendant be called as soon as indications of labor were present.
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with the subject as applied to nose and throat operations, and I wish
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, preliminary note on the eruption of the teeth, Odont. 121 ; . Mr.
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have simply touched a few of the " high places " in the broad
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to think that in many of the cases in our list tin- diagnosis was not ma
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exposed on the streets may become contaminated by dust
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and animals, and it seemed quite reasonable to suppose that many of the minute
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My rule is to advise all patients whose gastric contents have been
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ity to locate the meatus. Realizing at once the cause of the
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Auto-inoculation, artificial, abbreviated temperature chart ol caeei of pulmonary tuber .
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where the adipose enlargement may be generalized or confined to the
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the anastomosis, and therefore was gastric as much as jejunal. I think-
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that it was issuing from a rounded opening on the anterior wall of the
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and transparent accounting system that will produce reports easily and be easy to
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say that a tincture did not do pretty much the same as a preparation of quinine
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that a woman is about to bear a child. While suckling her
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the first occasion have readily yielded to mercury, they will probably do
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There must be no greediness, nor gormandizing, and, in
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assessed at $21,029,796.77; appraised at $22,498,006.78) . . $22,845,833 36
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Zeeman, founder of corpuscular theory of electricity, Electr. 1