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Incorporated Februarj- 7, 1920. Began business February 19, 1920

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and you see all the signs of the catarrh of the skin — swell-

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Bullse and whitlows, recurrent, case of (J. H. Sequeira), Derm. 108

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highly efficacious means of treatment. But the palmon un

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cases of pernicious anaemia previously referred to. From the three cases

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by drugs taken internally. The rash caused by too much

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E. E. Ferry*, W. J. Foss* E. N. Huntress*, J. F. Kahl*, J. J. Lynch, W. G. O'Connell, J. J. Pender, T. F.

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statements, and cancelled checks on a monthly basis.

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sufficient for a single paper. I will endeavour to explain how much

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knee over the sound knee. See him walk, and you will

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a specimen of foetal Camelus dromedarius which Captain S. S. Flower

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rare, however, to see it prolonged, especially in the ass and

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Communicable Diseases among Domestic Animals," Dr. Austin

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which are already present in the body and cut the disease short

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so will the time come when the plague-free herds and peoples

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contagious abortion in this herd and the quantity of bichloride

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(6) For thin, scanty dark hair. — Take of good black tea-

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as ingredient in permanent filling of roots of teeth, Odont. Ill

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dymis, but neither had a vas deferens. See also Cranwell, " Les Hernies Inguinales de

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Walter E. Johnson, President Arvid E. Wetzell, Treasurer

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(chronic) with intestinal obstruction, treatment by csecostomy, Surg. 97

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(13) Florence M., aged 22 ; December 12, 1907 ; Mr. Tyler. Single.

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Board of Directors: R. H. Bodman, E. S. Bradford*, J. L. Burgess, J. F. Carleton, E. S. Clark, Fletcher Clark*.

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the adipose fin, as it is named. In a specimen of Synodontes serrcitus