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have failed to obtain relief from either doctors or quacks,

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its source to be free from danger of typhoid. (Very few

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pomatums, scented ointments, into the scalp almost daily,

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evidence of the action of salicylates : not simply a physician's impression, based

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(3) Owing to the marked skewness of the curve the mean is not ;i

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-, severity of attacks after consumption of raw shell-ri>h greater tl.

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, changes in viscera: general, Path. 7 ; special, Path. 10

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edge of the rectum bleeds freely. If it does, and other conditions are

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reporting a tumour of the breast which she had just discovered. This

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discussion, see Lees, D. B. — The effective treatment of acute and subacute rheumatism]

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gravitated to the fundus of the stomach, and the pyloric area, where the ulcer

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and is considerably past the age at which it is commonly seen. Very

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Sleep is produced by withdrawing blood from the head.

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, discussion on a case of sarcoma of the uterus, Obst. 348

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change the date of the next meeting in anticipation of the

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Although the patient went to the seaside he has Dot Improved mn

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ment cannot properly be classed as steatopygous ; it might be dis-

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course, there is little of interest to record. We must refer, however,

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trembling mass beneath the skin, which vibrated with all her mow -

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, " neurotic excoriations " (H. G. Adamson), Derm. 67

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before. Such warning may be — wind in the stomach, numb-

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There is a tendency to mental atrophy nowadays through

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body ; they are entirely mechanical. When the eye is in its

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until the fourth day, when the embryo, having utilized all its own

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First term, l}/i%; second term, 1%; third term, 1%;

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dry toast, tea (as little to be drunk as possible).

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have treated the subject at length, and the former has attempted a classi-

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But the opening which was left between the lips by the inci-

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the swelling is curable, because its cause is not, as a rule,

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Incorporated July 10, 1880. Began business July 20, 1880

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ought to be dipped or kept in some disinfectant during the

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eases, but both characterized by the daily passage of too

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Case XXV. — The patient, a female, aged 45, seen with Dr. X. J.

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In answer to Mr. Groves, in the case dealt with in the paper, and in that he

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back again in another place, and if the other place is one

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writers, are rare. I have met with two such cases in my prac-