two chief muscles situated on either side of the mid-line. Like these
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friends in the West, where now and then we hear of rabies in
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compensated and uncompensated time off. There are also monetary thresholds
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non-negroid ; during the predynastic periods the negroids were the social
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The case I now describe was that of a hospital nurse, aged 46, who
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of reddish-brown scurf skin and red blotches, which may
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As an example of the operation in two stages for perforation
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tion on the glanders of guinea-pigs, and that the same result is
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tissue of the cheek ; and there was none in that of the buttock or front
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-, of spleen, phagocytosis of, observed in pathological specimens, Path. 185
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garded as below the safe limit for surgery, and yet made a good
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the simple process of Sir Almroth Wright. Determinate in
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application of cold, such as of a cold laundry iron, to the
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t thyroid gland in, effects of removal, Med. 5, 34, 35, 36
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guinea-pigs, produced degenerative changes in the liver which he
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The following is a list of the better known antiseptics.
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actions and interactions of the microbes and somatic cells, and of
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At this stage o\' the operation it became evident that the swelling,
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Anterior Gastrojejunostomy for Pyloric Stenosis ; Perfora-
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horse and ox, and the digits on the pectoral limb of man. This,
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neuralgia, and what steps ought to be taken. These re-
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to be bom. The little knob, growing in the muscular
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sive adhesions were separated, and the appendix, which stretched ov
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Geant, J. Dundas. ā€” Discussion on cases for diagnosis, Laryng. 10, 119
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Dā€” Large kind of plasma-cell with douhle nucleus and well-marked peri-
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Now aU alcoholic beverages produce, in moderate doses
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esting and instructive, and conducted in a most efficient man-
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a physician. He is perfectly well except for chronic constipation, which he
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ing following the autopsy. The animal became acutely ill with a tem-
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, direct examination by Briining's instrument (H. Tilley), Clin. 11
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have occurred in the last fifteen years (1893 to 1907 inclusive) in ten of
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for Experimental Therapy in Marburg. When kept in sealed
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28. Albumin and pus in urine. A small mass ran be felt in right iliac
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, misplaced and rudimentary patellae and coxa valga in girl aged 7 years (G.
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the absence of any of these serious causes; it may be due
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which had a bearing on the subject in question. He opened the abdomen
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Proceedings of the Society us a whole are indicated by tb - M. and are